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Zombie Survival Weekender

Why not try a Zombie Survival Weekend here on our farm? The latest craze has reached the valleys!

The event is run by Zombies South Wales and involves a mixture of survival training, live-action horror roleplay and partying!

The fun lasts for over 36 hours and is in 4 stages:

1. The arrival and welcome which includes a safety briefing, a quick check that everyone has the equipment they need and a chance for everyone to get to know eachother.

2. Survival kits and survival skills share which gives everyone the opportunity to demonstrate a skill to the rest of the group and learn some new skills from others. Everyone has to prepare something to share with the group but there is no need to be an expert! Useful survival subjects include fire craft, first aid, knives, knots, distilling water and map reading.

3. BBQ, party and night time live-action roleplay. You can bring along some food to cook on the BBQ or buy some food at the onsite pub, have a few drinks and then the ‘zombie-themed-live-action-non-combat-horror-roleplay game’ begins. Someone will be chosen at random as the first victim of a zombie infection… from then on the remaining humans have to complete various missions, challenges and riddles whilst avoiding being caught, bitten and infected by the zombies! Will the humans survive or will it be a camp full of zombies by sun rise?

4. Sunday debrief… talking about what went on the night before, playing a few games, debating survival tactics and an awards ceremony before doing a litter sweep and packing up to go home. Cooked breakfasts available at the onsite pub if you want.

It’s a 1 night camping experience, but can be tailored to suit you if you have a large group.

Enquire with our Zombie specialist Dom for more information or to book on! Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite… yet!

Website: www.zombiesw.co.uk
Facebook: Zombie Survival Weekender
Twitter: @zombiesw
Email: info@zombiesw.co.uk
Telephone: 07958588053