Quad Biking, Woodland Assault Course, Clay Shooting, Laser Shooting, Archery, Gorge Walking
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Courses for Young People

Residentials for Young People

Residentials can be arranged for young people with over night accommodation, activities, transport and meals. Itineraries are customised to suit your groups needs.
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Motivational ATV Driving

A fun 1 hour Quad Biking session which highlights safe driving skills (which are used when learning to drive in the future), with a motivational talk before the activity, pointing out skills and techniques, like communication, which are put into practice during the activity. Finishes with a de-briefing session.

Diversification and Activity

We are a farm diversifcation, diversified from a family run run farm on the brink of bankcruptcy to a well established multi activity centre. Owner and entreprenaur talks about how we achieved this and the struggles faced. Can be combined with any activity but works particularly well with Quad Biking.

Activities and Worksheets (Learning Outcomes)

With most of our activities we have associated worksheets that can completed after the activity e.g. Archery and its history and Quad Biking and health and safety.

OCN Accredited ATV Safe Driving and Maintenance Course

The course is designed for young people with an interest in off-road vehicles particularly quad bikes. The aims are to highlight the need for safety, proper training, regular maintenance, a responsible and mature approach when driving and showing respect to other drivers and the public. The course is run over 8 x 2 hour sessions and includes worksheets on each visit. The course content includes; video presentations (on safety equipment, causes of accidents, and towing trailers), some computer work (Hazard perception test), Practical sessions including basic, intermediate and advanced driving skills, loads and trailers, and a Maintenance session in the workshop.

3 Day Citizenship Course

This course aims to highlight the role of the Welsh Assembly Government, explaining how devolved power works, its tasks, history and the election process. The young people are made aware of the importance of their own participation in the democratic process, how the Assembly members are elected and the effects of society. They are encouraged to understand the history of Cardiff. They will learn about the role and importance of the courts system, how we require the system to protect society. The young people will be able to identify the issues surrounding off road vehicles like scrambler bikes, the safety issues and legislation. The course can include Millennium Stadium tour, Welsh Assembly tour, Cardiff Magistrates Court tour, trip on R.I.B. Speedboat and Quad Biking. We can also tailor make a 1 Day Citzenship Courses, contact us for more information.

Gun Crime and Gang Culture Workshop

This course aims to highlight the problem with gun crime and gang culture within inner city areas. The workshop starts with a DVD, 'Bang Bang in Da Manor'. The DVD identifies the problems with gun crime in London, and other inner city areas, and the prevalence of gun crime particularly among the young afro–Caribbean and Asian communities. This DVD facilitates discussion amongst the young people, enabling them to discuss the gun crime and gang culture in their area. The young people then take part in a Shooting activity followed by further discussion and worksheets. The course can be tailored to include overnight accommodation, transport, meals and activities, such as, Gorge Walking, Archery, Quad Biking and Speedboat experience to build a full residential course, building confidence and self esteem amongst individuals.

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All relevant safety equipment is provided for all of our activities.
Opening Times - We are open from dawn to dusk everyday (except Christmas Day).